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JEA 2018, 2(2), 10; doi: 10.22261/jea.trzd5i

Perspectives in ecoacoustics: A contribution to defining a discipline

1 Department of Pure and Applied Sciences, Urbino University, 61029, Italy
* Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Received: 19 Nov 2017 / Accepted: 19 Apr 2018 / Published: 26 Jun 2018
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Ecoacoustics is a new discipline that investigates the ecological role of sounds. Ecoacoustics is a relevant field of research related to long-term monitoring, habitat health, biodiversity assessment, soundscape conservation and ecosystem management. Several life traits of the species, populations, communities, and landscapes/waterscapes may be described by ecoacoustics. Non-invasive programmable recording devices with on-board ecoacoustic metric calculations are efficient and powerful tools to investigate ecological systems. A set of processes in four [adaptive, behavioural, geographical, ecosemiotic] domains supports and guides the development of ecoacoustics. The first domain includes evolutionary mechanisms that join sound typology with the physical and biological characteristics of the environment and create frequency partitioning among species to reduce competition. The second domain addresses interspecific signals associated with geophysical and anthropogenic sounds that operate to shape temporary acoustic communities and orient species to select suitable acoustic habitats. The third domain pertains to the geography of sound, an entity composed of three subordinate acoustic objects: sonotopes, soundtopes, and sonotones, which are operationally delimited in a geographical and temporal space by the distribution of the ecoacoustic events. The ecoacoustic events allow the classification of complex configurations of acoustic signals and represent the grain of a soundscape mosaic. The fourth domain operates by ecosemiotic mechanisms within the species level according to a function-specific perception of the acoustic information facilitated by encoding processes.
Keywords: ecoacoustics epistemology; adaptive domain; behavioural domain; geographical domain; ecosemiotic domain; ecoacoustic codes; acoustic-eco-field
This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. (CC BY 4.0).
Farina, A. Perspectives in ecoacoustics: A contribution to defining a discipline. JEA 2018, 2, 10.
Farina A. Perspectives in ecoacoustics: A contribution to defining a discipline. Journal of Ecoacoustics. 2018; 2(2):10.
Farina, Almo. 2018. "Perspectives in ecoacoustics: A contribution to defining a discipline." JEA 2, no. 2: 10.
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